Les boîtes à montres: Toutes les informations pour faire votre choix

Watches: all the information to make your choice

The watch box is a solid envelope that contains watches and secure them against all possible external damage. Inside, this setting hosts the wrist watches in a cozy cocoon. The watch box is designed to contain all types of watches. It is made in various materials that vary according to your budget And depending on the style of your watch. Collector or lover of beautiful watches, these small accessories are perfect for sheltering your beautiful goalkeepers of time.

Focus on boxes in accordance.


What is a watch box?

Lovers of beautiful watches will find their happiness in the different models of boxes on the market. What exactly is the watch box and why adopt it?

Definition of what the watch box is

Once you have bought the watch of your dreams, this exceptional timepiece jewel that you have been coveting for a long time, the next logical step is to find a setting for it. This box is the right container to accommodate your watch when it is out of your wrist. It is an essential storage if you have several watches. It is made up of a build, the central part of the case which shelters dial, needle and movement of the watch. Its upper part often has a glass worn by a ring named bowl. And its lower part is made of solid material: leather, metal, wood ...

These boxes contain compartments with a pad where the watch wraps and which protects the bracelet from any degradation. The watch box can contain any watch type: wristwatch, classic watch (automatic or quartz), connected watch (Smart Watch), luxury watch, sports watch or military watch. The watch box also has multiple functions:

  • With a glass window or in acrylic, it serves as a showcase for watches;
  • With points or drawers, other jewelry can be stored in enhance or to secure;
  • Removals for automatic watches to avoid the disruption of the natural movement of these types of watches.

These backgrounds are generally high -end products.

The right reasons to buy a watch box

The first reason to buy the watch boxes is protection of your watches. It is essential to protect your watches from any attack that may damage them. Dust and humidity are enemies of a watch, because they alter its mechanism and stop making it work. A rowed watch anywhere is vulnerable to various sources of damage.

In a drawer for example, it is often jostled and can leave traces, scratches or scratches. Place on a table or fireplace, it can fall and break without speaking of dirt that can damage its dial. It is therefore imperative to put it in A secure case.

This waterproof box allows you to keep your watches impeccable and in longevity. In addition to safety, watch boxes are also a prestige brand for your collection watches that enhance their value. Watch for men, Women's Watch or Mixed Watch will find their place in this jewelry box. And finally, the watch box is a valiant gift that is a pleasure. To summarize, here are the advantages of having a watch box:

  • Optimal protection of your watches;
  • Possibility of containing several watches at the same time;
  • Storage adapted to all watches models;
  • Prestigious set for collections watches;
  • Value gift that can be personalized (golden or silver engraving).

In order to make the right choice of guest boxes, some criteria must be taken into account.

Leather watch box

What should you think when you buy a watch box?

The purchase of your first watch and just as important as that of your watch box. Take into account its size, shape, style, finishes, brand and price.

The size of the watch box

The size of a watch box is proportional to the numbers of watches you have and for your next acquisitions. The size of your watch storage box will also be based on your professional life: a sedentary job with little trips, a single large box with several compartments may be enough. On the other hand, frequent trips, buying a second smaller box is in order for your travels. Several models have clasps ranging from 1 to 56 compartments for a large collector.

The shape of the watch box

Boxes exist in several forms with a arched or flat profile.

  • The circular shape is the most classic and corresponds to morphologies of any type of watches.
  • The square or rectangle shape is also a popular style of boxes.
  • Oval or barrel shapes are original cushion models.
  • Orthogonal forms are more modern.

The design of the watchbox


The design influences the choice of the watch box. There are models with an upper part in transparent window To have an overview of the models arranged inside. The plastic windows are resistant, but the glasses are more refined and more luxurious. As a good compromise, opt for unbreakable glazing. Prefer a case that harmonizes with the decor of your interior. The choice of material also influences the style of the watch box: A wooden box has a more beautiful rendering than a case in imitation leather. The design also counts for the interior which must be covered with soft fabric so as not to scratch the watch.

The finish of the watch box

Figure the little details before buying your watch box. The upper part of the box if it is made of glass should be made with an upper glass in unbreakable certified glass. The interior of the box must be done with a soft material like chamois to avoid scratches on the dials and on the body of the watch. Also favor the storage of your little jewelry with certain models that have compartment to put the cufflinks, bracelets, rings, etc.

The brand of the watch box

Like it or not, the brand of a account watch. There are big names that announce the nobility of the watch and its box as Rolex, the Parisian box, Élie Bleu, Louis Vuitton or Le Tanneur. There are also models made by craftsmen for a tailor -made case. In any case, the brand is guaranteed to security for your future watch box. In any case, quality must be a priority so as not to throw your money into artillery that will not last more than a year of use.

The price of the watch box

Cost is a factor to take into account when purchasing watch boxes. Your setting will therefore depend on your budget, some models are more expensive than others. In the watchmaking sector, these watch boxes have a price range:

  • The entry -level is from € 39.90.
  • The means of the range is from € 79.90.
  • The high -end is from € 199.90.
  • It is preferable to invest in the medium and high -end which are more captivating, more stylish and with a longer lifespan.

The criterion that will determine the price of the watch box and your favorite will be the material used in its manufacture.

The most frequent materials used in watch boxes

Boxes There are several materials: leather, wood, aluminum, cardboard, stainless steel, carbon, silver, gold, bronze, ceramics, copper and brass.

The leather watch box

The leather boxes are very elegant. There is the imitation leather, which is cheaper, but also less durable. There is real leather that is expensive, but has a longer lifespan. Leather allows several colors: white, black, red, red, brown, red, gray, khaki ... There are also the different types of Italian leather cowhide leather, goat leather, nappa leather, flat leather, natural leather, varnished leather, etc. . A whole leather goods revolves around leather boxes for collectors. The only downside is that it is a material that does not support humidity.

The wooden watch box

Wooden watch boxes are the most widespread. It is a model that inspires nobility. The essence of wood used in its manufacture makes this box a true work of art: mahogany, oak, solid wood, etc. Varnish, waxed, carved the finish of the box is multiple. Choosing a wooden watch box is also an ecological solution, because it is subject to the FSC label which guarantees specific woods avoiding deforestation. To maintain it well, it should not be left in wet places.

The aluminum watch box

Aluminum boxes have mini-value style. They are also very resistant and facilitate the transport of watches for your various trips. Aluminum is anti -corrosion and very waterproof at the same time and is light. It is an element of choice since it is recyclable and therefore green. Price level, it is quite high although the quality/price ratio be there.

The cardboard watch box

The cardboard watch box is the most economical choice. In addition, it allows many personalization options. It’s a simple and refined model. The box for box is a packaging shaped to be resistant in a quality cardboard (Kraft). Of course, its lifespan is limited, but it is an eco -responsible and minimalist alternative.

The stainless steel watch box

The stainless steel watch setting is often used in watchmaking. It is a material from the alloy of iron, chrome and carbon. It is stainless because of its high chrome content (+ 13%) which guarantees its corrosion resistance. It is a futuristic and very masculine design choice for luxury men's watches. In addition, the stainless steel watch box is perfectly waterproof.

The carbon watch box

The box-made box made of carbon is both resistant, ecological, light and very solid. It is also very design with a refined design and impeccable finishes. It also allows a wide range of colors and dimensions. The little concern for carbon lies on the fact that it is sensitive to scratches and therefore to handle with delicacy.

The silver watch box

Silver is a precious metal that is used in various sectors: goldsmithery, jewelry and watchmaking. In the latter case, it is perfectly suitable for the watch case that in the realization of its dial. The silver watch box offers a sleek and chic design. Its only downside is that it is a material that oxidizes easily.

The gold watch box

A gold watch box is the guaranteed class! It is an eternal precious metal that is aesthetic and prestigious at the same time. It is perfect for containing your luxury watches and your valiant little jewelry. Pale yellow in color, it can have other alloy colors with other metals: yellow gold (gold + silver), pink gold (gold + silver + copper), red gold (gold + copper), white gold (gold + silver + palladium), etc. Of course, a gold case is not given and it is quite heavy.

The copper watch box

Copper in a watchbox is a very good idea. This material is both durable and at least thermal dilation. It resists wear, corrosion and sea water. Aesthetic side, the copper watch case is chic and authentic at the same time. Copper is also used in most of the clock mechanism: bridges, needles and in nautical watches (white copper).

The brass watch box

Brass in a watch box is a golden alternative of real gold, but much cheaper. This material is the result of copper/zinc alloy. Its machining is simple and makes it possible to make different forms of boxes. The negative side with brass is that it is soft and easily oxidable.

Wooden watch boxes


Luxury watches deserve boxes at their heights. An informed collector will take care of these watches as a true passionate. This setting is an added value that reflects its content so it is to be chosen brilliantly. Luxury watches for collector and their boxes are long -term investments, because the rating is climbing over the years and you can get a good sum. You want more information on Which box to choose? Consult our article and find your case.