Wood watch boxes

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      Watches collectors appreciate the wooden box in wood. It is elegant, robust and waterproof thus offering good protection to your timepieces, whether in display, in mountain support or in accord.

      Wooden box box: organize your collection

      Wooden watch boxes are the most widespread on the watchmaking storage market. These wooden watch storage boxes are for all budgets and have many advantages:

      • Wood essence means that it is an entry of ranges, medium -range or high -end: imitation wood (composite). Exotic wood and solid wood (mahogany, pine, oak), precious wood (ebony, rosewood, rosewood).
      • The wood used in the manufacture of watches is either in a wooden palette, or from a forest intended to be exploited (FSC label), so it is an ecological choice
      • The wooden watch box can contain all the watches: luxury watch, sports watch, mechanical watch, analog watch, connected watch, classic watch, men's watch, woman watch, mixed watch ...
      • This wristwatch setting can be sculpted by a cabinetmaker to put patterns or personalized with a silver or golden hot gilding.
      • Solid and perfectly airtight, this material is ideal for keeping your beautiful tocante against dust and any other damage (shock, scratch) that can alter dials and movements.

      Your precious timepiece collections will be safe and in optimal comfort.

      How many locations do you need?

      The wooden watch box has 1 or more compartments to accommodate your pretty watches. These lockers are in peer number: 2, 6, 12, 24, or even 56 for certain models. The inner box is covered with soft suede fabric, velvet, cotton or suede. Under this fabric are foam padded cushions for better comfort and stability of your beautiful tocantes. The number of compartments of the wooden box will depend on the magnitude of your collections plus a margin for your future acquisitions.

      • Plan a smaller additional watch box for your frequent trips and trips;
      • Opt for a chest-brick model with locations for your little jewelry such as cuff buttons, rings, pendants, pens and bracelets.

      For a winder, only one automatic watch is suitable in the compartment. It is necessary to plan a free space next to it to store the watch bracelet and prevent the mechanism from being rubbed.

      Vintage watches in precious wooden watches for a unique decor

      The wooden case is resolutely a retro style that enters the vintage trend. To adopt the vintage look, you wear your wrist on the vintage watches (used or second -hand watch) in total adequacy with your wooden watch box. Favor wood with natural colors: beige, dark or light brown, black with a transparent varnish or not. The two -color is also a retro trend: black for the outside and purple for the interior or the brown/orange combination. By hunning or going to a flea market, you will find models with pretty carved patterns or golden ornaments on the brass or aluminum side. This case is full of elegance and nobility, sure values ​​of the old era.

      The wooden watch boxes are real works of art when they are well done, however be careful with humidity. For a modern and luxurious style, do not hesitate to discover our leather watch boxes gorgeous