Watch boxes

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      There is no shortage of watch storage. For more security and for a long life of your jewelry, nothing beats a container that envelops them entirely and that is done in solid materials.

      Watch storage box

      The storage boxes are intended for their protection, but also to enhance them. As such, you have various types of storage for your timepieces: the watch box, the winder, the case and the glass storage. These accessories protect your beautiful tocantes: dust, scratches, shocks and all damage that can alter its condition.

      The watch box is made for watch collectors, whatever the model: luxury watches, sports watch, military watch, connected watch, automatic watch, mechanical watch;, etc., boxes are adequate storage boxes . This setting has compartments that can accommodate several watches, your new watch and your next acquisitions. The exterior of the case is made of solid material such as wood, leather, aluminum and many others and the interior is provided with cushions covered with soft fabric for the comfort of your tocante.

      Men's watch boxes

      Men have always been fans of wrist watches and their containers. Watches are prestigious and standing marks with wrist. Watches are inseparable from these jewelry to be able to transport them during business trips or in a simple storage accessory.

      They are therefore perfect bijoux boxes for a gift idea for men. The men's watch storage box is often dark, sober and great elegance in real leather, precious wood or precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum.

      Bijoux watches set with diamond and quartz with 24-carat gold needles will certainly find their place in writings of big brands or tailor-made boxes made by tanner craftsmen, goldsmith or cabinetmaker.

      The male watch box is larger than that of the female version of their wider wrist tower and other storage option for small jewelry: cuff button, pen, bracelet or ring.

      Watch boxes for women

      Women are fond of beautiful tocantes whom they consider as practical and elegant fashion accessories. Watches boxes for women are bijoux boxes that can also accommodate their jewelry: pendant or ring.

      These writings are chosen for their aesthetics and acts as a design object for interior decoration. There is a feminine color palette: red leather, camel beige leather, varnished or lacquered wood on all lively tones, golden or silver finishes with rhinestones or simply refined. There is also the possibility of customization in engraving or printing.

      The women's watch boxes are smaller than those of men by the size of the dial and the finer wrist. These watch boxes can accommodate women's classic, casual or sporty women's style watches with dials of all shapes: round or square dial.

      The watch box is classic and ideal storage to preserve your beautiful goalkeepers from time. Click on our article Watches: all the information to make your choice And find the box that suits you.

      For a vintage style, do not hesitate to discover our Wooden watch boxes gorgeous.