Carbon watches

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      The carbon-mounted box is classified in high-end watchmaking boxes. Much appreciated by the male gent, the carbon fiber bodies are perfect for keeping your brand watches safe.

      Carbon fiber watch boxes: their particularities

      The carbon fiber-fiber-montre box is made up of carbon atoms and agglomeration of microscopic crystals that makes it very resistant.

      • The carbon watch setting is waterproof, very solid with good thermal performance;
      • This very light storage box is ideal for transporting your beautiful watches when traveling and traveling;
      • Its sober color: black or dark gray brings a modern design touch and a very trendy industrial style in interior decoration;
      • The carbon case is a good gift idea for men in order to store their collection of watches and serve as a jewelry box for: cufflinch, pen, bracelet and ring;
      • These compartments may contain all watches: mechanical watch, analog watch, digital watches, classic watch, gusset watch, sports watch, connected watch, military watch; Luxury watch ...
      • The internal part of the box-in-mits bring real comfort to your tocantes by its finishes: covered with very soft fabric type Swedish, velvet, suede or cotton and is provided with padded foam cushions.

      The different models of boxes in carbon fiber

      There are many models of carbon watch storage boxes:

      • Carbon fiber watch case over the entire external part

      This box model is elegant and refined in black or striped in red. A touch of clear shade inside: beige, white, silver or gold for the two -color effect. The locations are 6 or 12 lockers with detachable and removable pillows for the good conservation of your timepieces.

      The shapes of this classic carbon box are varied: round, square, rectangular or oval. Each compartment is adapted to the caliber of your bracelet-montre: watch for men, watch for women or mixed watch taking into account the size of the dial and the cuff of the bracelet.

      • Carbon fiber watch box with a glass cover

      A mineral glass or transparent crystal glass on the upper part acts as a display for your jewel watch collection. Practical to in a hurry the tocante to bring to your wrist and keep it in good condition far from dust, humidity and other damage that can alter it. This jewelry box is often in a unbreakable display case to secure your bijoux watches while exposing them. This version can keep 10, 12 or 24 wrist watches according to your collections.

      • Carbon fiber-fiber box with reinforced lock

      To ensure the safety of your precious tocantes, the carbon box with stainless steel lock is a safe bet. You also have the option with code lock as a small safe and highly secure clasp for the protection of your luxury watches from major brands: Cartier, Rolex, Omega, Hermès or Louis Vuitton.

      The secure version is suitable for both domestic use and commercial use and is perfect for collectors. Carbon fiber being a material used in high technology, it guarantees an optimal resistant against shocks and scratches.

      The carbon montre box is highly appreciated for its robustness, its minimalist side and lightness. If you want to give an exceptional gift to your half, take a look at our collection of customizable watch box exceptional.