Removing Design Watches


      In terms of watchmaking, watches are the best known and the most purchased, but do you know that watch accessories are also essential? This is the case of the automatic watch winder which is a watchmaker useful for the proper functioning of automatic models. The winder can also a very design accessory.

      The automatic winder, essential equipment

      Buy an automatic watch is to buy in parallel with your pair

      • The backgrounds ensure that the watch is always active even if it is no longer on the wrist;
      • The movements of the winder are done manually (mechanical reassembly) or automatically by the activation of the crown of the winder;
      • The crown composed of rotor starts to turn and its rotation generates speed per lap daily or TPD useful to your "automatic" to remain awake;
      • A battery, a sector connection or a rechargeable battery activates the engine in the winder for the automatic reassembly of your timepiece;
      • The backgrounds are thus inseparable from the automatic tocante to ensure that the watches of the watch always displays the exact date and time.

      A design with designer watches to please his man

      Automatic watches for men are the essential timepieces that make up their watches collection in addition to luxury watches and connected watches.

      • The backgrounds are storage and protection boxes of your beautiful watches, protecting them from scratches, breakage, dust and humidity;
      • A design winder is made of solid material with beautiful finishes: lacquered, patinated, varnish, grained ...
      • The materials for a stylish winder are made of wood (vintage style), leather (contemporary style), stainless steel like aluminum (modern style), carbon fiber (industrial style).
      • The colors of your winder are very varied depending on the material used for its manufacture: dark tone (brown or black carbon leather), light tone (white lacquered wood, silver metal), your lively (red leather) or two -color;
      • Current versions have modern safety device such as fingerprint locking/unlocking for the top of the range, stainless metal lock or code lock for means of the range;
      • The waterproofing model with a lid window is suitable for collectors for the exposure of their beautiful automatic bracelet watches: mineral glass or transparent plastic.

      The price of a design watch

      The cost of an automatic watch winder generally depends on the models. It is generally accessible from € 200. Here is an idea of ​​price of major brands:

      Swiss Kubik

      The Swiss house offers hand -made watches with rotary writings with 1,900 rotations per day, 950 TR per meaning. A great autonomy of 3 years. The price is between 400 and 8,000 €.

      Wolf 1834

      This German brand specializing in the design of Watches, Box and jewelry box. The backgrounds cost between 250 and 10,000 € for cabinets that can go up 12 watches at the same time. Watch boxes can cost up to € 100,000.

      London report

      It is an English brand specializing in making luxury watches with elegant and timeless chic. The price of a winder is between € 350 and € 5,000.

      the Automatic watch In addition to being functional can also be a work of art to contain your pretty automatic watches.