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      Buying a watch means that you need a storage device to contain it. The montres are the versions of yesteryear that keep your timepieces. The designer of the accord is revisited, its size is varied, its design is full of elegance and finesse to accommodate your new luxury watches.

      The Kneey, an ideal gift for men

      The match holder keeps your tocantes in height unlike the support-montre that keeps them on the side. These two displays exhibit your pretty watches in the open air thus giving an aesthetic cachet to your storage space. Men's watches will find their place on this support that can accommodate all watches: sports watch, digital watch, connected watch, mechanical watch, analog watch, classic watch…

      Built-in racks are better suitable for used watches, old watches, fantasy watches or vintage watches. For watches of major watches like Rolex, Cartier, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Omega or Tag Heuer, the kitchen holder serves more displays when selling watches. It is a gift idea that appeals to the male gent by its practical side, its sleek design and its minimalist side.

      Key: an essential accessory

      Even if you have a watch box, a case and a watch pocket, the kitties are a classic and timeless essential for your beautiful watches.

      • The cough doors are accessories that are used to proudly expose your precious watches on a shelf, a dresser or a fireplace.
      • This type of storage adapts to the caliber of the watch bracelet (leather bracelet or steel bracelet) and brings dial by the softness of the cushion that houses it;
      • Although it does not protect dust, it has the great advantage of allowing you to change the tocante quickly in the blink of an eye;
      • This watches storage solution is permanent or provisional time to release your wrist for a few hours;
      • It is also an opportunity to set up your beautiful collection of watches to your guests as a passionate collector.

      The door shows: how to choose it?

      The criteria for choosing your watches are the materials that make it up, its shapes and designs.

      Materials for watches

      The match holder is made of various materials:

      • In solid wood and exotic wood, an ecological solution (in palette or in FSC label);
      • In PVC for a multitude of color choices;
      • Carbon fiber, for more solidity and modern design;
      • In stone like marble, a very elegant material (white marble, striated marble) with a polished finish for a beautiful texture;
      • In velvet, for a touch of sweetness and nobility (fabric made of natural fiber or synthetic fiber);
      • In stainless steel, an infinitely recyclable, solid and waterproof green material with a long service life.

      The shapes and styles of the accord

      The kitties are available in several models:

      • The base is often in shape: square, rectangular, oval, orthogonal or triangular;
      • The support for bracelet-montre is always arched marrying the round shape of the wrist tower;
      • The design is often behind the support: a carved drawing for wood, a geometric brass shape and various original creations according to the cabinetmaker, goldsmith, tanner or jeweler who makes his manufacture.

      The watch door is the classic watchmaking storage option that keeps your bijoux watches in place and stabilizes them.