Customizable watch boxes


      Men's watch, woman's watch or mixed watch, new used watch or watch, the montre box is suitable for all watches and serves as protection for your precious tocantes. If in addition, this jewelry box is personalized, then this is the ideal gift!

      A personalized box box, a gift idea that pleases

      A personalized box-up box is an original gift box to offer enthusiasts or collector of beautiful watchmaking watches and lovers.

      • A personalized gift box is bearing the image of its recipient and according to the event;
      • For holidays like Valentine's Day, a setting with a glass cover engraved with a heart laser with your two initials on it is appropriate;
      • A wooden case carved with his first name or initial or even a leather box with a silver gilding is a prestigious man's gift;
      • A leather case set with rhinestones or better of real diamonds or nugget imitation to form its first name or an initial is a little gem for women;
      • The personalized storage box allows an assortment with the row tocante inside the compartments. For example: pink with a golden lime engraving for a watch with a pink leather bracelet and a silver or black dial with a silver impression for a black silicone watch with a black dial and silver needles, etc.

      Customizable types of boxes

      With technological advance, almost all materials can be personalized: cardboard, wood, leather, aluminum, gold, silver, platinum, brass, etc.

      • The leather case for watch case can be personalized with a silver or golden hot gilding or even with screen printing (glitter, plastisol, vinyl);
      • The wooden case or the display is customizable either by small sculptures, a manufacture work done by a cabinetmaker or a goldsmith, or golden gilded by specific equipment;
      • The steel housing: precious metal or stainless steel is personalized with a laser engraving that makes fine and precise markings;
      • The cardboard box is the easiest to personalize and the least expensive; As paper, printing can be digital (inkjet, laser), screen printing or in direct transfer on transfer.

      Why customize your box in Montre?

      Why not ? Your box-in-montre box keeps its elegant design everything with character.

      • A personalized watches storage box is commensurate with your expectations and adapts both to your beautiful watches and your interior decoration.
      • It is a timeless setting that will be used by future generations and will remain a family symbol;
      • By customizing your montre box, you can adapt it to your watch collections: luxury watch, sports watch, military watch, connected watch ... Put the logo of big brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Hermès, Omega, Omega, Omega, Omega, Omega, Louis Vuitton, Cartier (attention, for private use only).
      • Personalizing a wristwatch box is also customizing it to make it a luxury case: set of rubies, sapphire or diamond on the lid or 24-carat gold finishes on the edges (work done by a jeweler) .
      • With the various personalizations, you can make a humble watch box, a unique, precious and valiant object to store your pretty tocantes.

      The personalization of your timepieces is doable whatever the shape of your box: square, rectangle, round, oval and its profile: arched or flat. Only a surface with reliefs is impossible to personalize. For even more style, see our sublime collection of watch boxes exclusivePrestige ™ boxes.