Leather watch boxes


      The leather-match case is a great gift idea for watchmaking enthusiasts eager to acquire a chic object without breaking the bank. Leather offers options and various finishes that make it a very interesting material to store your precious goalkeepers of time.

      Leather boxes: an elegant case for your watches collection

      Leather is a flexible and resistant material that is used in leather goods and particularly for the manufacture of watches for watches.

      • The leathers used are real leather and the faux-leather in imitation or imitation (synthetic leather);
      • The watches with a real leather watch is made from cowhide leather, full -flower veal leather, Italian leather, nappa leather, PU leather, grained leather, crocodile leather or lizard…;
      • The leather finish is at the level of the assembly, the case can be sewn with a large wire or assembled with hot glue with different shapes (round, square, oval, rectangular, etc.);
      • The leather case is available in a classic color palette: black leather, brown leather, white leather, leather, red leather, green leather ... depending on the tanker factory;
      • A real high -end jewel, the natural leather watch box pays tribute to your beautiful luxury watches (Cartier, Hermès, Rolex, etc.), military watches, sports watches or connected watches (Smart Watch);
      • The imitation leather and the synthetic leather will pleasure with pleasure your pretty used watches, your fantasy watches or your vintage watches;
      • Each compartment of the box is covered with soft fabric such as suede, velvet or suede which contains padded foam cushions.

      The storage boxes for leather wristwatches prevents you from leaving your tocantes to hang out anywhere: drawer, shelf, chest of drawers and to find it easily.

      The different models of leather box boxes

      Leather watches are available in several models:

      • The protective leather boxes, with one or more locations that can accommodate any type of tocante: mechanical watch, automatic watch, digital watch, analog watch, gusset watch, men's watch, woman watch or mixed watch;
      • Similar watch boxes or real glass leather: an elegant design to have an overview of your watches collection, the glass can be in plastic or transparent crystal or unbreakable glass;
      • Leather watch storage with locks: code lock or key lock for optimal protection of your timepieces.

      The leather storage box is a medium and high-end jewelry box for collectors and enthusiasts of bracelet-montre.

      Why choose the leather uphill box?

      The leather watch box is a type of storage with various assets:

      • It is a setting that embodies elegance in its pure state with its smooth, striated or relief skin;
      • It is optimal protection of your tocante to avoid the risk of breakage, scratches or shocks once it is out of your wrist;
      • It is to preserve them out of dust and other dirt that can damage dials, movements, glasses and everything that makes up the watch;
      • Some models of box box has jewelry storage: cuff button, pen, ring, pendant and bracelet.

      The leather watch storage box is a timeless which is distinguished by its elegance, its finesse and its solidity. For an ultra luxurious style, do not hesitate to redirect yourself to our collection of high -end watch boxes and chic.