Watches case


      Watch cases are useful accessories for transporting your beautiful watches and that all collectors should own. The case has a single locker while the groundhog contains several compartments.

      Buying guide for your watch case

      This watchmaking accessory can accommodate all watches: men's watch, woman watch, mixed watch, connected watch, sports watch, military watch, analog watch, digital watch, used watch, new watch ...

      • The cases are made in solid and flexible fabric both like leather or suede;
      • The leather used is either similar (synthetic leather), false leather (imitation) or real leather (cowhide leather, full-flower veal leather, PU leather, croco or lizard, patina, etc.);
      • The watch case is available in a multitude of colors: your dark: black leather, brown leather, blue-marine leather; Light tone: white leather, beige leather, cream and lively leather: red leather, yellow leather, green leather…
      • For the finishes, the groundhog is made up of bellows with flap to prevent your precious watches from slipping and a zip or cord closure to protect them;
      • A lining in silky and soft fabric covers the interior to avoid the scratches of the dial and the telescope of your timepieces.

      Our travel cases

      The travel case is a type of storage that facilitates the transport of your pretty tocantes. It slips smoothly into your suitcase and in the various storage pockets. Be careful, however, to bury the case at the bottom of a bag so as not to cause damage to your little gem. The particularities of travel cases:

      • The watch travel case is practical

      The practicality of the case is undeniable compared to other storage options such as the box in Montre. It is compact and allows you to gain space if you have a small suitcase. The case also protects your precious timepieces from friction and scratch that can occur if they drag in the travel bag. You can also store your other little jewelry: cuff button, ring, bracelet or pendant.

      • The special watch case is discreet

      The watch case ensures total discretion of your precious collection of bijoux watches. If you want to take your luxury watches with you during your different stops, this is the accessory to adopt so as not to attract attention. Once you arrive at your destination, it is strongly recommended to store your tocantes in a box, a winder or a display to find their shapes.

      Wide choice of style available

      There are several models of watch cases on the market. The prices of these flexible and functional accessories are from € 15 up to € 200. This price varies according to the brand, the capacity, the material and the manufacture:

      • Travel case for a fabric watch with zip closure to store a classic watch costs 19 €;
      • An Alcantara brand marmot for 2 watches with loop closure and one with 2 zip pockets costs € 49;
      • A barbouric brand marmot that can contain 5 watches, in oiled fabric and with a strip closure and protection in addition to flaps costs € 69.
      • A black grained leather case for 5 watches that can contain all calibers and with a very high finish costs around € 119.

      Situation, marmot, kit or pouch, these flexible and compact accessories are perfect for taking your wrist watches with you on a trip.