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      The automatic man watch requires a multifunction winder for automatic reassembly and to preserve its power reserve. The manual reassembly of your "automatic" is done from time to time, but the mechanical reassembly is more suitable for better functioning of its cog.

      Why go up your watch?

      The automatic watch is a watch that needs to be regularly raised.

      • It stops after two days, once out of the wrists and therefore requires a perpetual oscillator to reproduce the movements of the wrist;
      • Automatic watches keep up your tocante always on time thanks to its automatic mechanism and reassembly mechanism;
      • Stored at the bottom of a drawer or on a shelf, immobile storage requires shaking (recharging) watching it by manipulation of pushes, the movement of crowns and sometimes seals;
      • Without a winding, the time of time of your timepiece is a tedious operation especially for perpetual calendars.
      • The winder serves as an elegant storage case for your beautiful automatic bracelet watch in addition to turning it.

      How does an automatic winder work?

      To know how to operate an automatic winder, you must first know the wrapping crown and the automatic watching system.

      The Crown mechanism

      The crowns of automatic watches have 3 positions:

      • The normal position consists in performing the reassembly of the watch (rotor activation);
      • Position 1 is the change of date or second second second hand (dragging, jumping and fasty date);
      • Position 2 is the time change or second hand at the stop.

      Reassembly of the automatic watch by a winder

      Raising an automatic timepiece with a winder is very simply done and in the rules of the art:

      • Install your automatic watchmaking in the winder instead of storing it in another storage box;
      • Separate the dial from the bracelet and place them each on their support (location);
      • Place your tocante on the crown position;
      • Turn the mechanism between your thumb and index finger in the direction of a watch needle;
      • Make around thirty laps to get your watch completely and activate the engine.

      Our collection of watch with watch

      There are several models of backgrounds: swing on battery, winding through sector connection and rechargeable battery winder.

      Swiss Kubik

      This brand works with a battery winder, Swiss Kubik and Scatola del (its Italian filial) are big brands that have the best autonomy on the market (2 years).

      • Swiss Kubik is a Rolex approved Swiss watch;
      • It follows the CE standard (approval of large watchmaker houses) with an initial rotation program 1800 TR or 900 TR on the right and 900 TR on the left in 24 hours.
      • The strong point of this breathtaking brand is its low electrical consumption ideal for storage of the safe in safe.
      • It uses Duracell and Energizer batteries, for longevity and a constant diet.
      • The outdoor design is made of wood, leather, or stainless steel with dark tone (black leather is most appreciated), light tone (white, ocher), your lively (red leather).
      • A rear LED prevents battery wear.
      • The winding options have: a solar energy, a window on the facade (with different colored style) and a mountain support for small wrists;
      • Manufacturing Italian and Swiss manufacture with beautiful finishes.

      Collectors of beautiful automatic watches will find their happiness with the winder. For more splendor, consult our collection of Luxury watch exceptional.