High -end watch boxes


      When your precious watch is out of your wrist, it is a good omen to put it in a suitable setting and not at the bottom of a drawer or on a shelf. As a collector or just a precious and timeless timepiece passionate, a high quality container is essential.

      The criteria of a luxury gearbox

      There are some signs revealing a high-end box-in-mouther:

      • The materials used in the manufacture of the storage box for men or women's watches are of qualities: real leather (Italian leather, full flower leather, crocodile leather), solid wood (oak, pine), precious wood (ebony, rosewood , rosewood), aluminum and precious metal (gold, silver, platinum);
      • Beautiful finishes with neat details: regular and straight seam, gluing that holds, foam padding, unbreakable crystal mineral glass for glass storage boxes;
      • The inside locations have additional compartments that can accommodate your little jewelry: cufflinks, ring, pen, bracelet and pendant;
      • The internal part of the watch setting is covered with sparkling cushions which are covered in turn with very soft high quality fabric such as suede or velvet to avoid the stripes and shocks of your beautiful watches;
      • The boxes of major brands such as: Hermès, Cartier, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Tag Heuer or Omega and other prestigious brands to become are certainly very high-end versions.

      Why buy a high-end gearbox?

      Buying a luxury watch or a beautiful tocante requires obtaining a suitable setting for its storage.

      • A leather, high quality aluminum or wooden box is the promise of storage that ensures the protection of all watches: luxury watch, connected watch, sports watch, automatic watch (winding), military watch, watch Mechanics, Gousset Watch, etc.
      • High-end bracelet-montre writings bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your interior decor: vintage style for wooden housing, industrial style for aluminum housing, modern style for leather, etc. ;
      • This is an interesting purchase if you think you are invested in collection watches, a very lucrative investment in the long term;
      • High-end boxing box for men or women is a guarantee of prestige and value in the worldly environment and in the professional environment;
      • The storage of high-end seats have a very long lifespan, because its materials are solid, waterproof and perfectly hermetic.

      The price of a luxury box in luxury

      The box for high-standing bridge watch is not necessarily from a well-known brand. It can be a tailor-made match, ordered according to your requirements to craftsmen in manufacturers such as a cabinetmaker, a goldsmith or a certified tanner. In this case, watch costs are much cheaper than on online resellers or in a jewelry or watchmaking shop.

      The acquisition of a beautiful luxury box montre is from € 100 up to thousands of euros. These very luxurious models are with the effigy of your tocante set with diamonds, in quartz motion, with 24 -carat gold needles and a crystal glass dial.

      High-end gearbox is an investment and not an expense. For a timeless design, do not hesitate to take a look at our collection of Carbon watch boxes inimitable.