Luxury watches


      Buying an automatic watch is also getting the winder suitable for its caliber. Of course, a collection of luxury watches requires automatic backgrounds at its height. The automatic winder is the perfect gift idea for men and for all collectors of "automatic".

      Appearance and design of our luxury watches

      Classic automatic watches are busy using a battery, by sector connection or by rechargeable battery. The luxury watch versions are distinguished by its impeccable quality, its unrivaled aesthetic, its beautiful finishes and its silent engines.

      • The high -end upper time for luxury watches are elegant and refined pieces that give cachet to your interior decoration;
      • The materials used for the manufacture of the luxurious winder are made of lacquered wood, carbon fiber, real leather or stainless steel (aluminum) to avoid scratch and breakage;
      • The interior of the automatic winder is made up of 2 minium compartments for a watch, a locker for the dial and another for the bracelet;
      • These manufacturing generally come from an Italian or Swiss manufacture with the effigy of high automatic watchmaking inside;
      • The luxury movements models also exist with a unbreakable window (mineral glass) to be able to admire your beautiful tocantes;
      • This luxury box for the reassembly of your beautiful automatic watches is secured by fingerprint, by a stainless metal lock or by code lock.

      The high-end winder for luxury watches is therefore the accessory to protect your precious timepieces, but also to go up it to always be on time.

      Watches always on time with automatic backgrounds

      Automatic watches are delicate watchmaking by its mechanism and the various manipulations to grade its active masselotte (rotation of the crown and rotor).

      • Advanced technologies are integrated into high-standing backgrounds: an ultra-silenting Japanese japanese engine, unlocking by your fingerprints;
      • These technological advances allow a perpetual movement of the wrist when you no longer wear your timepiece.
      • The winder thanks to the automatic reassembly runs the mechanism of the automatic bracelet watch and still maintains it at the right time.
      • The speed at which your tocante turns: TPD (Turn Per Day) or "Tour by day" is 1800 TR for luxury backgrounds with a direction of rotation in time directions (CW) and antihoraries (CCW);
      • This storage case welcomes your automatic watches from major brands such as a Rolex, Tommy Hilfiger, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Omega, Cartier, Cartier…
      • A stopped watch is equivalent to lost adjustments and therefore to be reset, the watch to watch is therefore essential to ward off its possibilities.

      The luxury watches is a little gem that serves both to protect your automatic watch, but also as an essential device for its power reserve. For an exceptional decoration, see our collection of Design watch gorgeous.