TOP 10 des meilleures boîtes à montre pour homme

Top 10 best men's watch boxes

For men, a watch is the best accessory, apart from ties and shirts can be patterned and resemble others. So why not choose the best watch box to keep your jewelry?

The best watch boxes

10. The luxury vegan leather watch box

Magnificent set with a touch of modernity, the watch box is black. Indeed, the watch box houses 10 watches. Thanks to its sober, but classy design, watch box is ecological and perfect for also decorating your interior.

Luxury vegan leather watch box

9. The high -end wooden watch box

Box made of high -end wood, it can keep 8 watches comfortably. Very luxurious, the wooden watch box has a cover tightly that dust or other dirt cannot cross. The box is light, functional and very elegant to also be a beautiful decor object.

High -end wooden watch box

8. The vintage style watch box

For those who love the ancient style, this watch box is perfect. Very simple, the box is practical and can keep up to 5 watches. In addition to that, the vintage style offers a touch of charm. You also have in each compartment a cushion that adapts to all types of watches.

High -end vintage watch box      

7. Luxury wooden watch box

Very nice men's watch box, it allows you to see the interior of the box thanks to a kind of small window. Indeed, the luxury wooden box can keep 10 watches, even large, because the compartments are wide. With its brown color lining and removable cushions, your watches will be perfectly sheltered inside the box.

Luxury wooden watch box (10 slots)

6. The personalized wooden watch box

This man for men's watch box allows you to store 12 watches. With its transparent glass cover, the box is elegant and super class. In addition to that, you can print what you want on the box for more originality.

Personalized wooden watch box (12 slots)

5. The storage box for personalized watch

Beautiful box to easily store 12 watches for men, the box has a small metal clasp. Black in color with white surfaces, the box is perfectly elegant and offers a more modern touch. With its plexi glass window, you can print your name for example for a more original look.

Personalized watch storage box

4. The watch storage box

This magnificent sleek and modern style box of black corridor with an interior in brown velvet can keep 10 watches for men. In addition, as it is made of wood, the box is therefore durable and very elegant. And thanks to a window window, you can see your jewelry without necessarily opening the box.

Watch storage box

3. The men's watch box

Wooden box with a beige velvet interior, the watch box is very elegant. Thanks to its large dimensions, it can keep 10 luxury watches in perfect condition. In addition, the box is in 2 floors that can also accommodate other jewelry such as rings or bracelets.

Men's watch box (10 slots)

2. Wooden watch box set

Elegant wooden watch box, it allows you to place 12 watches inside to be well preserved. In addition to that, the box with a velvet interior adapts to any watch sizes. The essential is that you even have a small key to close the box or open it.

Wooden watch box set

1. Dark wood vintage watch box

Magnificent men's watch box, it is elegant thanks to the wood that composes it. In addition, its vintage look offers a lot of charm to this beautiful box. It has 3 compartments to keep your best in the best conditions.

Dark wood vintage watch box


A men's watch box is the accessory that allows every man to keep his beautiful watches safe while displaying them nicely. Consult ourTop 10 best watch boxes for women In order to find the ideal gift to your partner.