Comment bien choisir une boîte-à-montre ? Conseils et avis

How to choose a box of Montre? Advice and advice

Watch for men, for women or mixed watch are useful daily accessories, but also valiant jewelry fixed around the wrist. Amateur or collector, your wristwatches must be stored for its conservation and protection. A suitable box is therefore a necessity. It ensures the safety of your watch (dial, mechanism, needle) and gives it all its prestige.

Discover in this article the criteria for choosing your watch box.



Criterion 1: The size of the watch box

Size is an important factor in the choice of the Your timepiece. To choose the right dimension that suits you, take into account the number of watches you have. Writings for watch on the market have between 1 to 56 compartments depending on the brand.

Each box is between 28 and 50 mm in diameter depending on the size of the watch (dials) and the wrist turn. A large box is imposing, but very practical for watch collectors, while a small box is discreet and must be tried before purchase.

It is more judicious to choose a model with several locations as an intermediate format to be able to contain your future purchases. If you often move for jobs, a second smaller box is practical.

Criterion 2: The shape of the box for watch

The watch box is a little gem that is in different forms to please its users.

  • Circular shape,
  • Rectangular or square form;
  • Round shape ;
  • Triangular form;
  • Orthogonal form;
  • Oval or barrel -shaped cushion.

The profile of watch boxes is arched or flat to better accommodate your jewelry watches.

Criterion 3: The design of the Watches case

The design of the watches varies depending on the type of watch:

  • Sports watches and modern (analog) watches are contemporary.
  • Mechanical and classic watches are suitable for more traditional and authentic boxes.
  • Luxury watches and connected watches (Smart Watch) find their place in stylish and elegant writers.
  • A breathtaking is better suitable for automatic watches, because the options are diverse: number of rounds per day (TPD) and directional preferences during torsion.
  • A glass model on the upper part of the box is more aesthetic to have an overview of the stored watches, in plastic glass or transparent unbreakable glass.
  • A display with an interior covered with soft fabric to avoid scratches.

The manufacturing materials of the bracelet-montre also influence the style of these watch boxes.

Criteria 4: The material of the watch box

The storage for wristwatch are made of various materials: platinum, gold and silver are very high-end. You can also have prestigious versions without breaking the bank with the leather, or wooden clasp models. The means of the range exists in aluminum, stainless steel, brass or wooden and entry level is made of cardboard or false leather or imitation wood.

The wooden watches box

This is the most widespread watches storage box on the market. Its quality depends on the essence of wood used for its manufacture. Solid wood brings a touch of nobility and refinement to watch boxes. A carved wooden watch box with a beautiful finish is a real work of art made by cabinetmakers specializing in watchmaking. However, the wood is not very tightly, you must hold your box far from humidity.

Leather watch boxes

Leather is a natural material that is handy and resistant. It offers a beautiful decorative and elegant appearance to your watch setting. The imitation leather or synthetic leather is cheaper, but is not durable. Real leather, more expensive, has a longer lifespan and is available on various types: Italian leather, leather, goat, cowhide leather and on various colors: black leather, brown leather, white leather, red leather, etc. The leather watch box can be personalized with a silver, golden or rhinestone gilding. The leather goods and wooden watch box should not be placed in a damp place.

Aluminum watches

The aluminum is an infinitely recyclable and therefore ecological material. The aluminum watch box gives an ultra-design minival cachet with the watch box. Solid and light, this material is easily transportable during your multiple business trips. It is also a stainless and perfectly waterproof box that can be stored in any room without fear of humidity. Its only downside is price which is quite high although the quality/price ratio is correct.

The box for cardboard watches

The cardboard used in the manufacture of the watch box is high quality and specially designed for solid object packaging. The cardboard is thick and resistant to different shocks. The big advantage of the cardboard case is that it is customizable as desired: printing, hot gilding, screen printing, etc. You can put your initials or other markings there and offer it in a gift box. The cardboard box can be available in several colors with a simple and refined design. This is the least expensive option. Its only downside is its limited lifespan.

Criterion 5: The finish of watch boxes

To choose well, scrutinize the small details of your future watch storage box.

  • The seam of the leather watch box should be regular and sewn with a big wire for better hold;
  • The interior of the box must be entirely covered with very soft fabric: silk, velvet, suede or Sweden;
  • A medium or large format box has storage for your little jewelry: cuff, pen, ring, ring, bracelet or pendants;
  • A combination of colors (two -tone: dark and clear) is a very aesthetic option: the outside of the black box and the purple or brown and orange interior for a contemporary design.

These finishes facilitate your choice and definitely define your need in watch boxes.

The price criterion is not a constraint since the watch boxes are to adapt to all budgets with pricing grids ranging from € 13 to more of € 1,000. For guaranteed longevity and more aesthetics, the medium and high -end is recommended.

Consider these criteria for the acquisition of a timeless watch setting and start your collection of watches. Do not hesitate to consult our article "Why choose a customizable watch box as a gift?"In order to offer the most gift to your loved ones.

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