Comment fabriquer une boîte à montres soi-même ?

How to make a watch box yourself?

Collector or simple watches passionate, a box to store them is essential for you. Although on the market, at a watchmaker or jewelry, you can find models, making one is a beautiful challenge and a good gift idea.

An aluminum, brass or stainless steel model is difficult, if not impossible to do yourself, but the cardboard and wooden boxes are completely achievable. Here's how to make a watch box or a jewelry box easily.


How to make a cardboard watch box?

To make a watch box In cardboard, you need these few materials:

  • Colored boxes
  • Kraft
  • Decorative or pattern paper (gift packaging) or leather
  • White glue
  • Relon
  • Ruler
  • Pair of scissors

The cutting of the cardboard watch box

This step is to cut the base of the box depending on the size and shape you are looking for.

  • Cut the box into 4 pieces to make a base and create a case for each of your watches;
  • These bases are cut according to the size and shape of your case;
  • Gather these different parts by sticking each side and strengthens the assembly well;
  • Hold with kraft paper the parts that touch so that they do not move;
  • Make the cover by cutting the same pieces, but with 1.5 cm wider on the sides, gather them with glue and also maintain with kraft paper.

The dressing and interior decoration of the cardboard watch box

  • Take the paper of your choice, with pattern or colored, but good qualities for aesthetics or the imitation leather.
  • Draw a rectangle of the same dimension as each edge, each side and the bottom;
  • Cut with sparingly the surface to cover by following the shape well to avoid an overflow;
  • Put a little of this paper on the top on each side of the cardboard then put back kraft paper for strengthening;
  • Thus proceed on all parts and bottom.

Compartment of the cardboard watch box

This next step is to assemble the compartments of your watch setting.

  • Cut three cardboard rectangles which will be separations;
  • Dress these black cuts or other dark tone;
  • Cut the notches or slits half the height of the cardboard piece, respecting the same differences for the other 2 parts;
  • Assemble these parts against each other to form the grid and check that they do not fit.

Manufacturing of the cardboard watch box cushion

The presence of cushions is essential in a watch storage box, because it protects the dial and the bracelet from scratches and shocks. The dimension of the cushion is generally larger than the case.

  • Take the soft fabric (velvet, suede or cotton jersey) and cut six small rectangles larger than each compartment of the box;
  • Sew them on the three sides and leave the fourth open;
  • Fill with foam or wadding and close the last side still open by hand;
  • Repeat each operation for the other 5 compartments and put the padding inside.

The choice of cardboard is a great idea to stay in the green soul and practice origami.

You can also make a pretty wooden watch box, easy to make if you are the handyman.

How to make a wooden watch box?

You can mount your wooden box or buy a wooden tea box (recycling) if you are not a fan of DIY. To make a storage case - in wood, you need these few materials:

  • 1 m wooden board (for the margin)
  • Sauty saw or table saw
  • Spinning
  • Varnish, dyeing or painting
  • Metal sheet
  • Wood glue
  • Cardboard
  • Mild fabric
  • Moss

The assembly of the wooden watch box

This first step is to create the case with a size that can accommodate 4 watches.

  • Using the jigsaw, cut 2 pieces of 10 cm*10 cm and 8 pieces of 10 cm*4 cm;
  • Make a tail-d-aronde seal, the mechanical link between the tenon and the trapezoid-shaped groove);
  • Use the router and a template to make these seals at the four corners of the box for the lower and the upper part;
  • Align the wooden pieces so that they fit firmly in each other;
  • Put the wood glue on the seal to fix it;
  • Use a pliers to maintain the assembly of the parts during the drying time;
  • Attach the top and bottom parts by collage and tighten well during they dry.

The decoration of the wooden watch box

  • This decorative step is to paint the surfaces of wood.
  • Apply wooden dyeing (stain), varnish or paint on it according to your choice, once dried, apply a second layer;
  • Add a transparent finish layer and leave to act.

NB: Do not forget to put small screws to fix the hinges at the back of the upper and lower part of the box and make sure that the two rooms line up for the opening and closing of the case. 

The creation of the holder or the bottom of the wooden watch box

To make the bottom and interior of the box, here are the steps:

  • Cut the rectangular metal sheet of 8 cm*4 cm with 2.5 cm thick;
  • Then cut a piece of metal 10 cm*10cm which will be used to make the compartments;
  • Remove 1 cm*1 cm in the center the rectangular metal part;
  • Make diagonal cuts of 2.5 cm in the corners of this same piece;
  • Fold the cardboard around this rectangle metal sheet at the end of each cuts;
  • The card must make a 90 ° corner;
  • Glue the cardboard on the edges and let it dry;
  • Cover the metal with fabric and fix it on the back with hot glue.

The assembly and the finish of a wooden watch box

This last step is to stick everything and put the cushions to accommodate watches.

  • Glue the rectangle covered with fabric in the box to form a flat surface and fix the edges well with hot glue;
  • Attach the cut and assembled parts to compartmentalize;
  • Cover with foam as a pillow and wrap in soft fabric (silk, velvet or suede).

You now have how to make a practical and ecological watch display. You can follow a tutorial on the Internet on the DIY kitties for more precision.

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