Guide d’achat: Où acheter une boîte à montre ?

Buying guide: Where to buy a watch box?

Finding quality watches boxes to store your precious timepieces is not easy. This little gem supposed to protect your watches must also be elegant to reflect the beauty of its content at first. There are several options to appropriate a watch box: order, buy from a dealer, buy online ...

Discover in this article the different places to find the watch box of your dreams.

customizable watch box

Buy a watch box from a watchmaker

What could be more logical than going to a watchmaker for all your little worries ofwatchmaking And especially of your wristwatches or pocket watches. A watchmaker is the craftsman who manufactures, repairs and sells all objects from watchmaking: watch, pendulum, clock, etc.

It is therefore logical to turn to this professional for the storage of your precious watches. This watchmaking enthusiast has various storage in his workshop for your tocantes: display, kitchen holder and winder for your automatic watch. A long -standing watchmaker also has old watches and thus surely used boxes that hang out and which are beautiful works of art and unique pieces.

It is also a meeting place for collectors who want to sell their beautiful watches in sale with their writings. You will therefore find there authentic watch boxes, new series or an ancient piece (which knows), in all cases, beautiful objects.

The other place to get a watch box is directly with a craftsman.

Buy a watch box from a craftsman

Watches are made from natural materials such as leather, wood, aluminum and brass. If you want to acquire a storage box that limits the environmental impact caused by industrial production, turning to artisanal production is a good option.

Buy from a cabinetmaker craftsman

A cabinetmaker craftsman can create a wooden watch box: solid wood or palette, exotic wood (mahogany, pine) or precious wood (rosewood, rosewood, ebony) for a tailor-made control. Cabinetmakers also have models already available for a quick purchase. In this way, you participate and note the local economy and become eco - responsible by limiting the emission of greenhouse gases caused by the transport of your watch box on the other continent. The wooden watch case is an original gift idea for men or women. It is covered with padded foam cushions and a soft silk, velvet, suede or suede fabric according to your controls to protect the dials and mechanisms of the stripes.

Buy from a tanner craftsman

The tanner works the leather in all its states: real leather, false leather or imitation leather, veal leather, crocodile leather and even lizard leather. It is quite capable of making your leather watch box with the design and the shape you want: square, round, rectangular, orthogonal or oval. The color palette offered for leather is wide: brown leather, black leather, red leather, etc. The Watch Clea is a beautiful leather goods object that only a certified tanner is capable of producing. Just bring your bracelet-montre, whatever the model: mechanical watch, analog watch, digital watch, sports watch, connected watch, etc. Your beautiful watches will find a place of choice with tanners by profession.

Buy from a craftsman goldsmith

The goldsmith is the craftsman and merchant who manufactures and sells any object of goldsmithery. He works precious metals like gold, silver or platinum or simple metals. The goldsmiths are professions close to jewelers with the difference that it only takes care of the large works of precious metals. This professional can make you a luxurious watch in line with your luxury watch or your watch big brands (Cartier, Hermès, Rolex, Omega, Louis Vuitton). Your bijoux watches set with quartz, diamond or ruby ​​will find a location of choice in these jewels created by a certified goldsmith. In addition, with direct goldsmiths, you benefit from a factory price without intermediary and can negotiate.

Buy a watch box With craftsmen also allows you to ask for additional lockers for your little jewelry: cuff button, ring, pen, pendant, bracelet ...

The other easy and quick possibility for the acquisition of a watch box is online purchase

Buy a watch box online

Online purchase allows you to acquire your watch box without time constraint. To do this, you need to do some research and choose your keyword on search engines like Google or Bing.

Buy a watch box from the same online watch seller

The most judicious is to turn to the sites where you bought your new watch and ask if they sell boxes. The advantage of requesting your tocante seller is that the setting it may offer with the same marking (logo) as your watch. If you have in possession a beautiful collection of watches from the same brand, you will no doubt benefit from a commercial gesture at the cost of your storage box. The sales platform can also provide you with a box with the numbers of compartments you want.

Buy your watch boxes on the Internet from specialized sites

You will find on the canvas manufacturers, watchmakers and jewelry that sell boxes up to your expectations. It is not uncommon for a collector to also sell a high -end watch box at an affordable price. Good deals are common on platforms like Vinted, Amazon or Ebay, facilitating B2C or C to C exchanges. If you have a small budget, this solution is the most suitable.

wooden watch box

Buy a watch box in an online auction

There are auctions reserved for mostrophilist, this is how we designate a watch collector. You will certainly find your happiness to get luxury watches and watches at vintage watches. Besides, if you want to invest in the collector's rooms and especially those of the tocantes, this is the ideal place. Investment in watches and their decks are lucrative in the long term and prices are constantly climbing over the years. In an online auction, you can bid and acquire boxes with limited and unpublished series of major reputation in this sector. Later, you can also go through this means of sale to resell your beautiful tocantes with their storage boxes.

You now know where to get a quality watch box according to your budget and availability.

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