Quelle boîte-à-montre choisir ?

Which box to choose?

When you are in possession of a new watch or your first luxury watch, it is logical to protect it and not let it drag on a drawer or a shelf. For this, what could be more legitimate than an adequate gearbox. Yes, but which is the choice is wide on the market? To properly define your needs, here are some tips.

customizable watch box

The different aspects of the box-in-moutine

Box-to-watch is a clock accessory intended to protect all watches regardless of their type. It is a storage box composed of a build which is the central part of the box and which houses the dial, the movement mechanism and the needles.

The upper part generally has a glass transparent crystal who Give an overview of the row watch inside. The classic box is a version with lid and pushing made of the same material all over the body of the case.

The external appearance of the guest boxes

Storage boxes are made from natural material, imitation or composite. There are environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard, aluminum and wood (FSC label). These guest boxes are in different forms: rectangular, square, round, orthogonal, oval with a arched or flat profile.

The box-mate A prestigious cadeau-cadeau for men or women In order to store their watch collections. It is customizable with a marking in: hot gilding (golden or silver), laser engraving, printing or screen printing Les boxes-monster are available in all styles: sleek design, minimalist, sophisticated, luxurious, elegant, etc. The finish depends on the material: lacquered for aluminum, varnish or waxed for wood, kraft cardboard for boxes.

The choice of color is wide: dark, clear or colorful lively. The watch box can be closed by a simple flap or by A secure clasp with a metal lock, key or code. There is even a trunk version for optimal safety of your precious watches set with diamond, quartz, ruby ​​or sapphire with a gold needle (Rolex, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Omega).

The inner appearance of the guest boxes

The interior of an upturn box is a cozy cocoon that hosts your wrist watches. One or more compartments serve as locations for watches. Each compartment is covered with cushion with a soft fabric such as suede, suede, silk or velvet to avoid the scratches of the cadrans of the watch or its bracelet.

Some boxes of boxes have compartment for your little jewelry: cuff button, bracelet, pendant, pen or ring. So opt for a larger size to accommodate your timepieces and your jewelry. Note that the Women's Watch box has A smaller caliber that the one for men or a mixed watch thanks to its finer wrist.

The different kinds of box-in-moutles

This section deals different materials that make up the box-to-mortgage. Some boxes are made to be tailor-made, carved and well-shaped works of art, others are manufactured in an industrial way, with regular shapes and beautiful finishes. Cabinetmaker, goldsmith or watchmaker shapes the montre box to give you an ornament jewel that marries your interior decoration and protects your beautiful watch.

Leather-made boxes

Leather is a material recognized for its elegance and resistance. Pleasant to the touch and the eye, the leather watches box as in all leather goods are available in two types:

  • True leather and synthetic leather or imitation leather.
  • True leather can be Italian leather, Nappa leather, lizard leather, etc.
  • The false leather is flexible and inexpensive, but its lifespan is limited even with specific treatments.
  • The real leather is rigid, solid and its price is up to its quality. Both do not support humidity.

The leather case offers a color palette: brown leather, black leather, white leather, green leather, etc. Luxury watches find their place there. A leather watch box is suitable for all budgets: entry -level (imitation), means of the range (real leather) and high -end (vegan leather, Italian).

Wooden boxes made of wood

Wood has always been used for the manufacture of the box in Montre. This is an ecological solution, because the wood used comes either from woodfall or from a plantation designed for exploitation (FSC). In addition to being eco -responsible, you have in your hands an imprint of nobility and perfectly authentic.

The wooden storage box is durable, resistant. You can customize your solid wood montre box by a cabinetmaker who will make small cuts of patterns or affix your initial. With a good essence of wood, the possibility of retouching is infinite. Luxury watches and military watches find their place there.

On the price side, wood is in the means and high -end category according to its quality. Like leather, it does not support humid places.

The boxes made of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is often used in the making of box-to-watch. Manufacturers appreciate this material For its lightness and longevity. Perfectly hermetic and of great sealing, carbon lets nothing pass: light, dust, humidity or dirt. The rendering of the carbon box is very design, contemporary and modern.

It is a beautiful object to put in your industrial style decoration. Connected or smart watch watches and sports watches feel good. Carbon cans are high-end jewelry for your bracelet-montre collection.

wooden watch box

The guest boxes made of aluminum fiber

If you appreciate the minivalized metal style of the watch box, the aluminum version is made for you. Modernity, elegance and practicality are the virtues of an aluminum gearbox. Aluminum writers are the easiest to transport for frequent trips. This case is made of stainless steel, recyclable (ecological) and light.

This versatile material It therefore brings you optimal comfort of use and great safety for your jewelry watches. All types of watches are welcome in this waterproof case: automatic watch, analog watch, manual watch, mechanical watch ... aluminum models are classified in ranges.

There are still other types of boxes: in cardboard, brass, silver, gold, etc.

The choice of an upturn box is based on your budget, prefer a good range for a lasting display or a value gift idea. Click on our Buying guide: Where to buy a watch box? For more information on the subject.