Comment transporter ses montres lors d’un voyage ou d’un déplacement ?

How to transport your watches on a trip or a trip?

As a watchmaking enthusiast, you like to change and buy watches and take each acquisition with you when traveling. To ensure their safety and keep their new condition, nothing better than adequate storage. There is no shortage of solutions according to your needs, the space you have in your suitcase and budget.

Discover in this article the various containers for the transport of your watches.

customizable watch box

The watch box or box, the classic effective solution

The watch box is the traditional means of transport of the wristwatch for men or women during a trip for business. The watch storage box is solid and waterproof.

It easily slips into the suitcases when it is in small or medium format. For the luxury watch, it is a case that immediately announces the brand of the timepiece inside as well as its value. His particuliarity :

It has several compartments that can house 4. 6 or 12 watches according to its caliber;

  • These lockers are provided with padded foam cushions to wrap your tocante and avoid any degradation of the bracelet and dial (needles and mechanisms).
  • This case for watches is rigid and constitutes a foolproof protection for all types of watches (mechanical watch, analog watch, classic watch, connected watch, sports watch, etc.).
  • The manufacturing materials of these writings are: leather (real leather or imitation), wood (solid wood or hollow wood), aluminum, stainless steel or precious metal (gold, silver, platinum).
  • The colors of the boxes are varied: dark, clear, tone live, two -tone with infinite possibilities of personalization: hot, silver, golden gilding, screen printing or laser engraving, printing ...

For convenience, you also have the groundhog or case.

The case, the practical solution

The cases or marmots for watches are generally made with flexible materials such as leather or suede recognized for their rigidity.

  • The interior of the case is in silk, in suede or velvet to preserve watches or chronographs intact;
  • The leather used for the manufacture of cases is either the full flower veal leather, Italian leather or fucked leather. ;
  • For the finishes, the leather watch case has flap on the bellows and a rope or zip closure;
  • The case with several storage or marmots has 2 to 3 compartments to contain your precious watches with pockets or links with an attachment system;
  • This type of storage and watch transport is available on a color palette, including Bordeaux and Cognac which are very elegant;
  • Some marmot models are equipped with GPS or an electronic code to secure your miers

This accessory is a good alternative to transport your wrist watches everywhere and avoid shocks and the risk of falling.

The other alternative for the transport of your watches is the winder.

The Watch Highway, the 2 in 1 option

The boost has the function of preserving the power reserve of automatic watches when they are out of the wrist.

  • Depending on its shape, this rotary case can be a pretty box-in-moutine for your high-end automatic tocantes;
  • In cube or in parallelepiped, robust and compact, this tune perfectly acts as a box for watch in a suitcase or a travel case;
  • The watchgiver is made from different materials such as wood, plastic or aluminum with a leather or fabric finish;
  • Inside, each hole has a sponge covered with soft fabric or velvet to avoid scratches;
  • The quality of the winder can be in false leather and plastic crystal for the entry level and real superior quality leather for the high-end.
  • The winder is an object to be handled with caution, you must leave a free space and put the bracelet for example, but the two should not touch each other.

You can choose the pocket as a last option to easily transport your watch.

The watch cover, the discreet solution

The watch pouches are intended to accommodate a single watch and take it everywhere with you during your travels. The discretion and protection of your little gem is ensured with these accessories.

  • The size of the pocket is adequate to slide it into a handbag, luggage or bag without cluttering the space;
  • It has a superior flap that lifts and turns as a closure of the cover;
  • The material for its manufacture is often made of thick fabric: drill or ecru or for the elegant version of soft leather with a cotton or silk lining inside;
  • Very practical for short -term or punctual use
  • The clutch for watches is suitable for a used watch because it does not maintain the structure of the bracelet in place and does not provide good support useful for a new watch;
  • It transports your bracelet-montre for a short period and when you do not have enough space in your luggage.

An alternative to move with your collection watches is private transport.

Private transport, the security solution

The collectors of luxury watches of major brands (Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Omega or Louis Vuitton, Hermès) will find their happiness with a private transport company. If the protection of your limited edition watches collection is at the heart of your concern and you are in perpetual movement, it is an option of choice. Your quartz, diamond watches set with ruby, sapphire or 24 carat gold will be safe from any danger.

  • Private transport is recognized for their punctuality, rigor and solid commercial guarantee;
  • It offers an analysis of your situation and offers the best solution for the transfer of your watches;
  • He follows rigorous specifications with impeccable recruitment of their employee;

Whatever the destination of the watches: hotel, second home, auction, etc., everything is done so that the Bijoux watches await their owner upon arrival.

In short, know that there are many alternatives to transport your guardians of time, from the simplest to the most security and from the most affordable to the most expensive. You want to know How to tidy up your watches? Consult our article on the subject for more details.

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