Comment ranger ses montres ?

How to tidy up your watches?

After buying your first watch, this jewel at great value both financial and sentimental, it is important to put it well to preserve it. Well maintained, your pretty watch can have a long lifespan.

Discover in this article how to properly store your watches.


Store your bracelet-montre in a murder box

Classic storage of a watch is the watch box. For a collection of important watches (more than 6), the watch box is the most suitable.

  • It is suitable for all genres of watches: men's watch, woman watch, mixed watch and all types: mechanical watch, analog watch, connected watch, military watch, sports watch, luxury watch ...
  • These watches are made in various materials: wood, leather, stainless steel, aluminum, cardboard, carbon or in precious metals (gold, silver, platinum);
  • The forms of these storage boxes are varied: oval, orthogonal, square, rectangular, circular or round;
  • For colors, they are available in different shade: your dark, clear, your lively and varied finishes according to the material: varnish, waxed, lacquered, patinated, etc. ;
  • The number of compartments depends on the size of the boxes and each locker is covered with soft fabric with padded foam cushions for comfort and protection of watches.
  • Each watch box is customizable with a silver or golden hot gilding for real leather, a laser engraving for wood, glass and steel case.

The other solution to store your watches is the display.

Put your watch in a display

The watch displays are outdoor supports of the watch. Thanks to this type of storage, you can have an overview of your beautiful watch at any time and easily choose the one you are going to wear.

  • The watch display is a T-shaped brick holder with a end designed to suspend the watches in all beauty;
  • It is a storage option for used watches or old watches and not for a new watch and even less for luxury watches;
  • These bijoux doors that can contain bracelets provide an elegant and refined touch to your shelf, your dresser and any other storage space;
  • It is made of wood, plexiglass, polycarbonate, PVC, PET or stainless steel.
  • The watchmaker's watch display is customizable with an adhesive, screen printing or UV digital impression;
  • Its shape is perfectly studied to accommodate watches for men or women with a clip bracelet, or with a loop adjustable according to the wrist tour;

The third storage option is the case.

Ranger her bijoux watches in a case

Mallettes are containers appreciated for the optimal safety they bring.

  • The case for watches are mini-variations intended to keep and protect your prestigious and high-end bijoux watches.
  • It preciously keeps your watches with limited edition of major brands (Hermès, Cartier, Rolex, Omega, etc.). These timepieces are treasures set with diamonds, quartz, 24-carat gold, ruby ​​or sapphire with platinum needles, titanium mechanisms in which you have made an investment.
  • Like a safe, the case is made of high quality extruded aluminum with an ultra-secure lock system with the cutting edge of technology: code or chip or fingerprint;
  • The watch case can also contain your little jewelry: cuff button, pen, ring, pendant, bracelet…
  • She is off -the -back on the outside and cozy inside with her soft cushions to keep your beautiful tocantes.

The fourth object to store your tocante is the support-montre.

Store your watch in a watch support

Unlike the Kneess Carrier which keeps in height and undergoes gravity to the watches, the support for watch keeps them on the side and therefore an exposure to the open air.

  • This type of display allows your timepieces to maintain their natural shape without suffering a deformation;
  • Watches supports are often made of solid wood, or exotic wood to bring an authentic charm to your decor and are perfectly suitable for your vintage watches;
  • It is a simple storage system with a touch of elegance for your watches;
  • Support-montre is also a practical storage idea for those who are often in a hurry and who wish to access their watches quickly.
  • If you like the minimalist style, the watch support is the ideal storage for you.

For collectors who like to have an overview of their watch while protecting them, there is the option of the glass case.

Store your watch in glass storage

This type of storage has a glass cover to easily sort on the watch to wear.

  • The upper part is in crystal glass or transparent plastic, there is also the choice of unbreakable glass for more safety.
  • It protects dust and other small dirts that can damage the dials and movements of the watch;
  • It is a setting that is perfectly waterproof and suitable for wetlands;
  • To exhibit your collection watches or to resell them, this watch box is particularly recommended, because it highlights your tocantes without the buyers having to touch them.
  • The lower part of the box, various materials go well with glass: wood, leather or aluminum for a very aesthetic rendering.

The latest option to store your timepieces is the groundhog.

Tidy up your watch in a groundhog

The marmot is a watch case suitable for storage, but also for the transport of watches during your travels.

  • The marmots are in rigid and flexible fabrics like leather: full flower or patina leather, veal leather, etc.,
  • It can contain 3 to 6 watches maximum with a soft silky fabric lining to avoid scratches;
  • In terms of finish, the groundhog has a bellows and a cord or zip closure thus avoiding your beautiful watches to slide;
  • To have optimal security of your precious tocantes, you can opt for a model equipped with GPS or electronic code.

You now know the different ways to carefully store your watches. You want to know How to make a watch box yourself? Consult our tutorial dealing with the subject.