Remontoir Montre Boîtier Double (2 Slots)
Remontoir Montre Boîtier Double (2 Slots)
Remontoir Montre Boîtier Double (2 Slots)
Remontoir Montre Boîtier Double (2 Slots)
Remontoir Montre Boîtier Double (2 Slots)

Double housing watch (2 slots)

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A solution to no longer go up your automatic watch manually: the switchboard watch double, specially designed for your toy.

Discover this new automatic watch winder. It is equipped with a double case and can therefore contain two watches at a time. It has four types of configuration: a rotation hourly and anti-clockwise sense, both reaching 1440 rpm, then two bidirectional rotation features.

Its use is very simple, you just have to open the winder, place the two watches on their respective place, close the winder and activate the start of the accessory by pressing the two buttons that are at the 'back of the winder. Isn't that a technology that your automatic watches deserve?

This black winder displays a classy look, a fairly large dimension, which you can use it as an interior decorative room for your home.

When your luxury watches are not on your wrist, their mechanisms can easily be damaged. Indeed, they often stop turning. This is not likely to arrive with this double-hunged winder which can very well ensure the role of charger for your timepieces. Thus, your watches will be full of energy and will tell you the time with precision.

This winding up double housing is not likely to use the movement of your watches. You can perfectly control the number of laps it performs per day. Finally, inside the two boxes of this winder is a small light when it is underway. A real treasure, it must be admitted.

  • Dimensions: 14 x 19 x 24 cm

  • Colors: black

  • 4 types of configuration

  • Free delivery

Program details:

  • A: rotation, hourly direction 6 min, break for 30 min, start again (programmed at 1440 rpm)
  • B: Rotation Anti-Choles Sens 6 min, break 30 min, start again (programmed at 1440 rpm)
  • C: bidirectional rotation, 20 min hourly sense, 10 min break, 20 min anti-clock sense, 10 min break, start again (programmed at 5760 laps per day)
  • D: bidirectional rotation, alternates the meaning every 10 min for 3 hours then pauses for 9 hours (programmed at 2152 rpm)

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